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Bold and Blunt

Feb 14, 2023

Barack Obama Has Destroyed America's Healthcare

America's healthcare system has been destroyed and turned into socialism, and the fault can be squarely placed on Barack Obama. Before Barack Obama, America's healthcare was the envy of the world. After Barack Obama, America's healthcare raced down a socialized medicine path. And if you've not been to hospitals or clinics or received treatment in this before-after decade, you may have missed the changes that have taken place. But take it from those who've seen up close and personal the pre-Obamacare and post-Obamacare care -- and from those who've experienced the pre-COVID and post-COVID care -- and heed this warning, from Dr. Stephen Soloway, also known as Dr. Trump: Stay out of the hospitals. His new book, Medical Politics, will leave you both stewing and horrified.