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Bold and Blunt

May 18, 2023

Klaus Schwab. Larry Fink. George Soros. The World Economic Forum. Climate change. These are all inextricably linked -- and their common denominator is this: Danger to America. If you're not in tune with what's taking place in politics on the global level, and how it all trickles into America's political system down to the individual citizen -- with the effect of stripping individual citizens of their individual rights -- then you're missing the big war for liberty. Make no mistake about it: fascism is coming on strong and it's a must for patriotic Americans to see both the forest and the trees in order to fight effectively. Steve King, former congressman of Iowa, has some shocking insights into the latest anti-American activities the leader of the World Economic Forum {Schwab} is doing with the leader of Blackrock Investments (Fink) as well as with the leader of global philanthropy-slash-government-takeover (Soros), and how these players are all hurtling America toward taxpayer funded enslavement to the left's climate gods. Former Iowa congressman, Steve King, has been digging in deep and investigating some recent climate change schemes that take private properties and use them for environmental causes that truly only enrich the pockets of a select few billionaire investors. And he warns: this agenda is poised to spread like wildfire across America -- around the world -- if patriots don't take notice and fight.