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Bold and Blunt

Nov 10, 2022

China is making great inroads into America these days, stripping our exceptionalism one layer at a time. And the communist nation shows no signs of slowing its roll. In fact, under this current White House Administration, the CCP is finding a friend in America. Taiwan is trembling, contemplating the very real possibility of an attack by China before Joe Biden leaves the White House. Meanwhile, America itself is facing a massive loss on the world stage. If China seeps its culture into America's society, and causes our country to become dependent on its communists for economic growth, and all the while steals our technology and creative productions, what hope is there for the future of freedom? Gordon Chang, an internationally recognized expert on China, speaks about the threats from the communist country, including the demise of U.S. patent law and what that means in terms of growing the CCP even stronger.