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Bold and Blunt

Sep 29, 2022

Christians in large numbers have historically sat out America's elections, particularly the midterms. But this is a massive reason why America is facing such perilous times right now. If those who know best about God, fail to keep God at the helm in the politics and culture, then it's only common sense God will be sidelined and more wicked forces will steal the leadership roles. After all, expecting the secular world to put God first is a tad optimistic, if not outright ridiculous -- yes? America's a nation built on the idea that individuals get their rights from God, and that government is only in place to preserve and protect those rights. But remove God from that equation and what remains is government -- and what then happens is government becomes the giver (and taker) of rights. So it's crucially important for those who know best about Judeo-Christian teachings to get involved in the more secular sides of things. Jason Yates, CEO of an organization that tracks Christian participation in elections, tells why