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Bold and Blunt

Mar 17, 2022

America's at war with itself, with Democrats hating on Republicans, conservatives hating on liberals, Joe Biden supporters hating on Donald Trump supporters, and the media, at least the corporate media, loving it because of the ratings' draws such hot-tempered rhetoric brings. But there is a place and time that still exists where those of differing opinions can gather to discuss, debate and yes, even argue -- but then leave as friends, or at least, as agreeable partners in this great experiment called the United States. Bold and Blunt is such a place, and today's discussion is with a member of the Rockefeller family whose viewpoints don't exactly meet the show's Christian conservative mold -- and yet, polite discourse ensues. Meet Dave Spencer, founder of the Practically Political campaign, which is aimed at injecting a pragmatic perspective into today's hottest debates and at bringing together normally warring sides for a common cause: for the betterment of America.