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Bold and Blunt

Sep 20, 2022

It's a dark America out there, and if voters think the way to solve the country's many crises is to elect more Democrats this November, they're sadly mistaken. The left has been busily pushing a foundational reset in America, one that favors China and benefits the bureaucrats in global government at the expense of the U.S. citizen. Joe Biden, puppet president, plays right into these bureaucrats' hands. He's the perfect empty suit for far leftists, including the Marxists who've infiltrated the Democrat Party, to steamroll their agenda through the White House, into politics, into the education system, into culture, into the economy. The hard-working taxpayer is suffering. And according to some economists, the financial drag on America's economy in the form of massively high inflation is only going to get worse over the next couple Biden years. What's needed is a jolt to our system; what's needed is a quick course correction. Donald Trump is the guy who could do that. Peter Navarro discusses his new book: "Taking Back Trump's America."