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Bold and Blunt

Jun 8, 2023

If you wonder why politicians on Capitol Hill don't seem to be doing anything about the $31.7 trillion national debt, or even seem that concerned about it at all, fact is: many actually love keeping Americans financially insecure. Debt is a device of Democrats -- to control. Debt is also a device of the devil -- to enslave. And let's not forget the globalists, who see rising U.S. debt as a surefire means of crippling the country and crumbling it from within -- a tool of takeover and the final realization of a long-held dream. If America stumbles and falls financially, then America the free will cease to exist. So follow the lines of logic and you can easily understand why debt is more a political weapon for the anti-American forces to wield, than it is a problem to solve. Dave Brat, a former member of Congress who beat out then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his seat, speaks about the real state of America's finances. It's bleaker than imagined.