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Bold and Blunt

Oct 13, 2022

Ever wonder why God deems it improper to wear an item of clothing that's made from both linen and wool? These strange-sounding laws that hail from the Old Testament seem so out-of-place, ancient and even radical by modern standards. But there are good reasons -- and nobody breaks it down better than Bible scholar, best-selling author and media voice Dennis Prager. His latest "Rational Bible: Deuteronomy" tells why this ancient book of the Bible is maybe most pertinent to the forging of America, and even the modern governance of America. Of course, the more secular America grows, the weaker this truth becomes. But the preservation of our liberties depends on the ability of the coming generations to relearn old lessons, beginning with the one that biblical principles were forged into America's fabric from the start and that means if they're lost, if they're forgotten, if they're pushed to the side in favor of secularism and an atheistic culture, then our individual liberties will disappear.