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Bold and Blunt

May 19, 2022

Democrats by and large poll far behind Republicans when it comes to asking Americans to pick which party better protects against terrorism and would-be terrorists. But when it comes to comparing Joe Biden with Donald Trump, it's an apples to cupcake comparison. That is to say: there is no comparing. Americans believe Trump had their backs and that Biden -- well, that Biden's got an ice cream cone to lick. And those are the numbers from 2021, before America even had a full year of feckless Biden to examine. Now? Nowadays, if it weren't for inflation, foreign policy would be much more of a concern to American citizens because this administration, this White House, this president are all truly abominable on foreign policy and fighting terrorists. So which president shines tall in the arena of the War on Terrorism versus doesn't shine at all? And speaking of the War on Terror -- how's that going, anyway? Bill O'Reilly, media star and best-selling author, speaks on his newest Killing Series book, "Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists," and gives a few hints about what he knows about the War on Terror that average Americans don't.