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Bold and Blunt

Jan 25, 2022

When it comes to rooting out the biggest health risks of the coronavirus and all its various variants, turns out, it's obesity that's the problem -- not the failure of citizens to wear face masks, not the reluctance of Americans to social distance, not the refusal of patriots to stay home, stay out of work, stay away from church. If you look at the real facts, the real data, the real science, it's obesity that is the serious coronavirus concern, the one driving COVID-19-tied hospitalizations and serious illnesses and deaths. So why are Democrats in safely, solidly Democrat-run states continuing to push ridiculous non-scientific and overly abusive policies like face mask mandates on school kids? Answer: Politics and power. Guest best-selling author Michael Betrus talks about the coronavirus data he's crunched over the last couple years, and in so doing, exposes the very many COVID lies of the left's continued lockdowns.