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Bold and Blunt

Jun 22, 2023

Are we marching toward end times in quick-time? Some say yes; some scoff the idea. But fact is, with the birth of Israel, the clock has been tick, tick, ticking away, and it's high time believers truly turned to the signs to take note of the checkmarks. Think artificial intelligence. Think technological advances. The Internet has allowed the spread of the Gospel in areas that were previously off-limits to teaching, and it won't be long before all of the world has heard the Bible -- another check mark of end times' promises coming true. Depravity, false worship, false gods, the hardening of human hearts, the LGBTQ lies; along with wars, threats of wars, weather disasters and threats of weather disasters, the growing acceptance of satanist clubs -- these are all hurtling humanity toward a total collapse. Biblically speaking: it's a time of warning, a time of choosing. Billy Hallowell, noted culture commentator and journalist, discusses.