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Bold and Blunt

Sep 28, 2023

Democrats are on a hunt to take down Donald Trump any which way they can, but one of their latest attempts would -- if successful -- lead America down a perilous path of tyranny. What's happening? They're pushing into court a call to remove him from ballots for 2024, citing the 14th Amendment and its allowance to stop those guilty of insurrection from seeking political office. Thing is: Trump's not been found guilty in a court of law of insurrection. Thing is: Trump's innocent of insurrection. Thing is: Democrats don't care -- they just hate Trump and all he stands for, and will send America hurling toward tyranny if that's what it takes to erase him from Americans' minds. Mike McKenna, who served in Donald Trump's administration, speaks about this latest Trump Derangement Syndrome disease, and also on the need for a return to more moral, traditional times as a solution for all that ails this nation.