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Bold and Blunt

Mar 29, 2024

Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal

Ein Habesor is located about three miles from Gaza, and produces about 60 percent of all of Israel’s produce. Though the terrorists never breached the gate, and nobody from Ein Habesor was killed, adjacent communities weren’t so lucky. For hours, terrorists from Gaza drove the nearby roads — which included those to Reim forest, where thousands of Jewish youth had congregated for the Nova Festival of music — and they fired off RPGs and rifles as they scoured the areas for Jews to kill, rape, torture, capture. 

Yftach Gepner, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said that until October 7, most of those in Ein Habeshor wanted to help the Palestinians, and often provided them medical and health care. After? 


Now, as the community is still trying to recover from the tragedy and horror; from the economic hit of agricultural produce that’s wasted in the field as nobody’s there to pick and process it; from the grief of knowing personally many in nearby communities who were killed, raped, captured and held hostage.