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Bold and Blunt

Mar 29, 2022

Where do you get your truth? If it doesn't start with the Bible, then that's a truth that falls short. America's greatness comes from the fact that individual rights come from God, not government. In order to preserve and protect that system of God-given rights, however, the people must be knowledgeable of the principles of the Bible. How to profess being a nation of individualists, with rights coming from God, and government only being in place to protect those rights -- if God is removed from the equation? All problems in America can be traced to the fact that Americans, by and large, in alarming numbers, are growing in secularism, turning from the churches, failing to read and apply the Bible to modern day politics, culture, education and the rest. Americans are being deceived by a world that wants it forgotten that the source of freedom is God -- and by a world that wants it believed that government, and only government, can protect rights for the people. Thus, the rapidly approaching Great Reset -- New World Order -- globalist takeover of sovereign nations. A turn back to God starts with repentance. Pastor Jack Hibbs discusses.