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Bold and Blunt

May 30, 2023

It's good to know traditional, sane Americans are still willing to fight for the nation, and if anything says "winning," it's the wins that Christian, conservative patriots have racked over Bud Light and Target in recent days. The LGBTQ agenda is being steadily pushed back into the dark corners where it belongs. Woke corporations are being reminded that they still have to worry about profits, and that the LGBTQ community only makes up a very small, very slim percentage of the nation. And simple truths, like male and female and that's all there is folks, just two sexes -- simple truths like these are being slowly restored to humanity. It's about time. It's past time, as a matter of fact. Kelley Yates, etiquette expert and author, tells why it's a good thing for society -- for polite society -- to reel in the LGBTQ madness and remind people that chaos is not kind.