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Bold and Blunt

Apr 18, 2023

America's sovereignty is facing a massive danger from the World Health Organization, thanks in large part to the fact this president, Joe Biden, is all-in with the global bureaucrats. The WHO has for some time been pushing a global treaty on pandemic responses, and if passed, if signed, if ratified in the United States, would strip America's ability to decide its own course of action on health-related matters. Imagine the likes of a Bill Gates -- who is a top funder of the China-loving WHO -- having at his disposal the power to tell Americans how to deal with the next emerging virus. More than that, imagine the likes of a Bill Gates having at his disposal the power to decide what constitutes a pandemic. The possibilities for control would be endless. Yet that is what the WHO wants -- and that is what Joe Biden is quite OK with -- and that is the threat America faces that could result in the final blow to sovereignty. Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy, is fighting back hard.