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Bold and Blunt

Jun 1, 2023

The debt ceiling on Capitol Hill isn't just pitting Republicans versus Democrats. It's pitting the moral versus the immoral. Debt is a device of the devil because it enslaves those who suffer from its suffocating grasp and often leads to defaults that are akin to thefts. Is this the path America is treading right now? The debt ceiling is hitting an all-time high and honestly, there's no way our children are going to pay off all that money. The debt service alone is crippling. So what's going on here? One answer is that rising debt is a strategic design of the left -- of the globalists, actually, who want to tear down America's foundations, any which way they can. They're coming for the culture. They're coming for the education systems. They're coming for the political halls of power. And they're coming for the national economy. Cal Thomas, in his newest book, "A Watchman In the Night," describes some of the perils facing America -- and the bloated spending is just one of many, many problems.