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Bold and Blunt

May 17, 2022

Democrats, in case you haven't noticed, have a little bit of a woman problem this election year. The party has spent the last couple years regulating away all the political capital its members have forged with women through the years, and now, going into the midterms, polls are showing this key voting block is fleeing both Joe Biden and his party colleagues. Look at what the Dems have done in recent times: They've told women to keep their kids home from school. They've told moms the government has the right to offer their kids pornographic public school library reading materials, and that parents have no rights to protest anti-American critical race theory curriculum. They've told girls in sports to shut up, sit down and stifle their complaints about boys entering their athletic competitions as "females" and stealing awards, recognition and scholarships from real, biological females. They've attacked motherhood as weak and exalted abortion on demand as powerful. And then came inflation -- and the government's attempt to sell inflation as a sign of a positive economy. No wonder women want nothing to do with Democrats. Patrice Onwuka discusses.