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Bold and Blunt

Dec 15, 2022

Donald Trump, as president, was the guy who rooted out the deep, dark forces of America's government; the one who sent the deep state types fleeing. But then came Joe Biden and out went all the America First gains Trump had made. And now America stands on a very shaky foundation, as Team Biden is busily ushering into U.S. politics and culture all that the United Nations and World Economic Forum bureaucrats have in store for their mass takeover of citizens' freedoms. Think of the 17 sustainable development goals, or SDGs, and how these visions for global dominance, with intent to enact by the year 2030, are truly taking away all that's great of America. What this nation needs in 2024 is another Trump administration. It's the only way to put a stop to the globalism that's sweeping Biden's America. It's the only way to save our liberties for at least a few more years. The Washington Times' own Kelly Sadler, a former Trump administration official, weighs in on the chances for a second DJT White House.