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Bold and Blunt

Sep 15, 2022

It's Not a Union -- It's a Mafia
Today's public school systems are in shambles, no doubt. But it goes deeper than money, or supplies, or staffing levels. Fact is, most of America's public schools are in total disarray because teachers' unions have taken over the business of teaching, and become more like mafia leaders than servants to the schools. Parents have been painted as intruders. Teachers who simply want to teach are told to pick up that picket sign and march -- or you know what. And administrators who refuse to cave to union demands are put in positions of having to placate the socialist-slash-communist types who've infiltrated the power halls of U.S. education: an impossible task, when it must be balanced with parents' rights. What to do? How to overcome? Are the schools even redeemable any more? Rebecca Friedrichs spent 28 years in California's public school systems, trying to enact change from the inside -- and for that, was vilified. Since, she's started a nonprofit to help fight for America's students, and she has plenty of words of wisdom for those who care about the fate of the nation's liberties, as well as the minds of tomorrow's leaders.