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Bold and Blunt

Apr 13, 2023

The younger generations are simultaneously turning away from God and from America; their belief in God is dwindling, and so, too, their love for America. The natural outcome of this secularized disregard for American Exceptionalism is an emerging batch of leaders who think this nation is just like any other -- which means this nation will soon enough become like any other -- which means this nation will ultimately crumble. Democrats, socialists, Marxists, collectivists and the like actively encourage the younger generations to hate America and to believe in government over God -- and eventually, to believe in government as God. And they actively court this mentality because it gives them the political tools they need to seize powers and control. There is pushback, however, to this leftist wickedness. Tuttle Twins cartoon developer Daniel Harmon talks about the efforts he's making to train children in the pro-American way to go, using the power of the television set.