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Bold and Blunt

Apr 25, 2023

President Joe Biden has just announced he's running for another four years in the White House. And his announcement, not-so-coincidentally, comes as Democrats have unleashed massive attacks, once again, against their favorite target: Donald J. Trump. They've also found cause to go after conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Call it the go-to political game for leftists: no principle, all bluster and bogus blaming and shaming. Biden has no accomplishments on which to campaign so his platform has to be all about anti-MAGA, anti-Trump, anti-Trump supporters. The media and his Democrat Party minions are only too happy to do his dirty work and mudsling all the live-long day -- so long as it keeps out Trump, keeps quiet conservatives. How successful will they be? Robert Bork Jr. weighs in with his legal-minded expertise.