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Bold and Blunt

Nov 29, 2022

Save the Girls; Vote Out the Democrats

To hear Democrats talk, they populate the party of pro-woman. But they're about as far removed from "pro-woman" as you can get. The LGBTQ agenda alone is tearing down the concept of womanhood and instilling in girls the idea that they have to dress next to boys and compete in athletics against boys and refer to boys with female pronouns -- or else be deemed intolerant, hateful, discriminatory. Then there's abortion, the long-running Democrat-fueled deception that tells girls to go ahead and have recreational sex -- they can be just like the guys and live consequence-free; that they don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancies because it's their body, their choice, and those who say differently are intolerant, hateful, discriminatory. Democrats have been successfully selling the lie that they support women and successfully selling the deception that Republicans scorn women for far too long. Guest Jennifer Kerns, author of "The Real War on Women," discusses.